"Innuendo (And Out the Other)"

Pat Oleszko
Pat Oleszko customed as a loon (the bird, that is)
Performance By: Pat Oleszko

From the artist:

""Innuendo (And Out The Other)" tangles with those seeking power, those reeking of power, and the latent fury of the rank defiled. Topics disgust tend to persuade thru the context of an extreme and curiously Pat-riotic exorcism. The road in and out is rocky and occasionally obtuse.

"Innuendo is presented as a Pats-teach of the position of El Lector in the Cuban cigar factories that led to Ybor city's fame at the turn of the century The premise provides Innuendo and Out the Other as a series of news stories, great stories and personal stories converted into an evening soiree of sorry extremes. This Pat-icular material girl costumes the obvious, and cloaks the controversial. The body is the armature for the ideas which are usually blown up all out of proportion.

"Many visions of the moving image will be performed including a scaled down version of Kneepoleon: A Short Suite which brings the Little Colonel down to sighs, and which will include the cast members for its Tampa premiere.

"Continuing the interpolation of facts and fiction, in the tradition of the Lector will be a rendition of Kafka's Hunger Artist that while both dark and stark will inevitably revise the human commentary to air on the ripe side.

"Also featured will be a trio of circus-stances where the artist takes on the challenge of woe-man against nature, her nature, to anthro-pomorphically adopt the ways of the wiles, the Patsquatch, the Loon-atic Fringe and the Conscious Pilot Fish.

"Finally, with a new lease on life, an idiot-syncratic interpolation of a famous fairy tale a trail of naked yearning in present terms. No more red-toric, white wash and blues. And no more beating around the bush.

Thursday night's offering will intro-deduce O-Let's Go Puff Patty and the Six Cigars in a walk and roll event down El Pasaje Arcade with indirection from the head of the crass, a whiff of hard to de-fine smoke and some of the biggest stogies you'll ever find.

"Don't miss some evenings of overt dressing and untidy remarks. The truth squirts."