Brittany Soots

Britney Soots
Britney Soots - a hint of Charlie's "resolution"?

Britney Soots is the winner of the $300 Best in Category award for the category Florida Student Filmmaker: Hillsborough Community College Students in the HCC-Ybor Festival of the Moving Image Florida Filmmakers Contest. She won for her entry Family Portrait.

About the Filmmaker

Britney Soots is a student in the Hillsborough Community College Digital Television Program. She will graduate in May. From Britney: "I would like to give a special thanks to the other students who worked with me on this short film, Jason Beale, Thais Eslick and Portia Whitmore!"

About Family Portrait

Charlie Holcomb is a sociopath who realizes that he is not the same as the rest of his perfect family.

His father, Mr. Holcomb, has a great job and seems to have everything in order. His mother, Mrs. Holcomb, stays at home and takes care of the house and family. His little sister, Judy Holcomb, is a pageant winner and the center of attention for the parents. His older brother, Duke Holcomb, is the good-looking jock that all the girls at school want to be with and all the guys want to be.

Where does he fit in? His parents try to spend time with him but the interactions are awkward. His sister thinks that he is a total loser, while his brother just ignores him and doesn’t care.

We will follow a few flashbacks throughout his life and see how his family reacts toward him. In the end, the situation is resolved in the manner that Charlie sees fit.