David Montgomery

David Montgomery
David Montgomery

David Montgomery is a winner of the 2011 HCC-Ybor Festival of the Moving Image Florida Filmmakers Contest, winning the Best of Category – Florida Independent Filmmaker award for his video Elements of Time.

The prize of $300 is presented by Charles Lyman, President, Atlantic & Pacific Productions, Tampa, and Professor Emeritus of Film and Electronic Media, University of South Florida.

David Montgomery is an experimental animator and video artist whose frames are the patterns found in minute details of our everyday lives. He received his bachelors degree in Digital Arts and Sciences from the University of Florida in 2005 and attributes his hybrid naturalist/digital-content-creator workflow to a "childhood balancing seemingly opposed interests such as playing in the woods and video games".

Elements of Time
Scene from Elements of Time

Elements of Time: The difference between sand and stone is a matter of perception of time, this might be the only difference between Jasmine blossoms and stars as well. Elements of Time is an attempt to unify time scales as disparate as days and millennia.
Sound – Elements of Time by Otters Making Music

Artist Statement

"Most animators draw their films frame by frame or model and animate them using 3D software. I collect, grow, and scavenge. Subtle differences (genetic variability) between one frame (specimen) and the next create hypnotic, pulsing motion.

"I imagined that since the imagery for my films already existed and didn't have to be created from scratch I'd discovered some beautiful shortcut in the animation process. I hadn't. Maybe it's in the time it takes for a flatbed scanner to make a 2400 dpi pass across the entire length of the glass or the weeks spent in After Effects arranging and correcting thousands of images, but my process is very much as tedious as any form of traditional animation.

"It is nice however to find that enough content for an entire short film can be derived from a weed growing right outside my front door. (Oxalis pes caprae, Medicago polymorpha, Salvia lyrata, Lamium purpureum, Ipomoea cairica, ...)"