Fawn Testa

Spin Cycle poster
Fawn Testa

Fawn Testa is a winner of a $100 Merit Award in the Florida Student Filmmaker: Florida Student filmmakers: Atlantic & Pacific Productions Award category of the 2011 HCC-Ybor Festival of the Moving Image Florida Filmmakers Contest. She won the award for her video Spin Cycle.

The Atlantic & Pacific Production awards were presented by Charles Lyman, President, Atlantic & Pacific Productions, Tampa, and Professor Emeritus of Film and Electronic Media, University of South Florida.

About the Artist

Fawn Testa is a senior at the University of Tampa, studying Film/Media Arts and Entrepreneurial Business. While living in Tampa, she has been involved in the production of many films. "I have made some terrific friends along the way," Testa says. "I think film is one of the only industries in which you can play 'make believe' and hang out with your friends all day.