László Horváth

Laszlo Horváth
László Horváth

László Horváth is the winner of a 2011 HCC-Ybor Festival of the Moving Image Florida Filmmakers Contest $100 Merit Awart in the category Florida Independent Filmmaker (non-student): Atlantic & Pacific Productions Award. His entry is entitled Glory.

László Horváth was born in 1950 in Hungary. At the age of six, influenced by his family’s home library of arts, he began creating his first pieces by drawing on scraps of paper and sculpting bread. He continued his fine arts interest attending drawing classes, winning several art competition awards.

Horváth also studied violin and by the age of fourteen was playing in the local Philharmonic Orchestra.

Although he graduated from the Institute of Economy, he chose to focus on his love of art and music. As he expanded his knowledge, he became a self-taught photographer and discovered his true passion.

Laszlo won the first photo competition he entered, leading to a photojournalist position with the Vas Nepe Hungarian newspaper. After several years as a photojournalist, he began focusing on experimental art photography and joined an avant-guard artist’s group.

Scene from Glory

As corruption continued to erupt in his communist homeland, Horváth fled to Austria, living in a refugee camp for a year. In 1984 he immigrated to the United States where he continued his artistic endeavors. He has participated in numerous art exhibits, won several awards and grants and has been published in photography magazines and newspapers.

Horváth’s images are distinctively bold, stark, focused and haunting. His recent dark, surrealistic, mixed-media works are reflective of life as an artist in a communist country and his struggles to reinvent himself in America. Glory, selected to screen in this festival, shows Horváth’s romantic, sensitive, natural emotion. Horváth maintains his studio at the West Tampa Center for the Arts.

About Glory

Glory is director Horváth's first attempt to break into the world of the moving image.