The Evening Room

Video from Kickstarter drive to fund The Evening Room. Goal attained!

The Evening Room is narrative video short which explores lack of intimacy between romantic partners, colleagues and total strangers in a fast-moving world in which reality is much less intriguing than the unknown. Characters interact and/or observe each other through filters of their occupation, creative collaboration, control, curiosity, frustration and fantasy.

Each character reacts to the other characters based on their personal lack of fulfillment, fear of missed opportunity and a general feeling of loneliness, even though their lives are fat with interaction and stimuli.

Lexi (Leslie Maine), a thirty-something successful professional woman and Sina, her BFF who consistently seeks the perfect romantic partner, sit at an outdoor cafe discussing the immediacy of life and the average person's inability to experience the here and now when Lexi's overbearing lover calls to check up on her.

Meanwhile, Frank Lowden (Larry Bukovey), an aging, fortyish husband who's physical appearance has begun the long slide of falling from the grace of youth, just misses his bus home during a rain storm. He ducks into the Five O'clock Bar where he meets Henrietta (Mary Rachel Dudley), a mid-fifties, somewhat grotesque woman who introduces Frank to the Evening Room. Intrigued, Frank becomes a regular as his new persona, Florio.

Disconnected characters pass through each other's daily lives until they all end up in the evening room at the same time much to their surprise.

The Personnel

Bartender: Michael Zambelli
Frank/Florio: Larry Bukovey
Ardis: Mary Anne Edwards
Dick: Corey Jarriel
Henrietta: Mary Rachel Dudley
Lexi: Leslie Maine
Sina: Vivian Fleming-Alvarez
Director of Photography: Curtis Graham
Written by: Victoria Jorgensen and Marina Shemwell
Produced and Directed by: Victoria Jorgensen
A Movie Productions / Greyhouse Films